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Strategic Planning Process

The BNC strategic planning process starts with a clearly stated mission statement (why we exist) and our values (beliefs which guide actions and decisions). These essential areas, developed by BNC team members and approved by the Governing Board of Directors, drive the strategic plan, which provides us with a vision for the future.

This strategic plan was developed from January of 2021 to November of 2021. A summary of strategic planning activities includes:

  • Teams, departments, and Board members completed a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis.

  • SWOT performed of 2018-2021 financial data

  • Teams and departments completed an Accessibility Analysis. 

  • Teams and departments completed a Risk Assessment Analysis. 

  • All BNC team members participated in focus groups & strategic planning exercise sessions.

  • Review results of our 2020 Consumer Satisfaction Survey to inform & influence strategic plan.

  • A community partner feedback survey to key collaborators for feedback regarding experiences with BNC programs and services.

  • Community listening sessions to gain feedback from those who have experience directly and indirectly with the services and programs offered by BNC. 

  • Professionally facilitated BNC team member focus groups assessing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging (IDEB). 

  • Organization-wide goal and objective setting.

  • A legislative and policy analysis at the federal, state, and local levels in partnership with the National Council for Mental Well-being, Association of Community Mental Health Centers of KS (ACMHCK), Douglas County Government, and the City of Lawrence, KS. 

  • Participation in the Douglas County Behavioral Health Leadership Coalition strategy and planning sessions.

S.W.O.T Internal Analysis

  • Investment in the provision of evidence-based practices

  • A large number of clinically-licensed providers and medication providers

  • Strong Community Engagement department and Endowment Board of Trustees

  • Strong community presence and brand recognition

  • Overall financial strength and stability

  • Commitment to organizational best practices, including CCBHC and CARF

  • Strong relationships with Douglas County and the City of Lawrence

  • Dedication of BNC team members

  • Strong community partnerships

  • Commitment to a growth orientation vs. scarcity orientation

  • Use of data to inform program and financial planning

  • Commitment to investment in our team members through compensation, training, and professional development

  • We are a preferred resource rather than a last resort

  • Dedicated Governing Board of Directors, Endowment Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, and Investment Committee

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