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Below is a summary of the BNC’s current technology assets, including software and hardware, as well as projections of the BNC’s future technology needs.


Data Center
  • An EMC San, that is our storage for all our data. Locally hosted on premises. This is our main storage for all our servers.

  • We have 3 physical host servers, CISCO servers using a VM ware environment. These host a range of software including a print server, certificate server (security for wireless), file server (document storage), Electronic Health Record, EHR test and development servers, Exchange server (email), domain controller, and VMware V Center (diagnostic and monitoring).

  • We have a back-up DATTO server that backs up all servers listed above.

  • Our networking in the data center. This includes our CISCO switches, our MERAKI firewalls.

  • Battery back-up

  • Server room cooling

  • Security cameras in IT office and server room

Wireless Network
  • Meraki Access Points that allow for consistent wireless connectivity throughout the building.

Hardwire Network
  • User access switches on the first and second floors in Community Health Facility for staff access.

  • Our primary internet provider is KanREN. This is a 1GB per second service.

Hardware for Team Members
  • Use a mix of laptops, tablets, and desktops. Our primary vendors are Dell and Microsoft. However, due to supply chain issues related to covid-19 and the scarcity of silicon generally we have utilized other manufacturers including LG and Samsung. 

  • We provide cell phones to many BN team members, particularly our community-based team members. These cell phones are provided through T-Mobile and are equipped with 5G wireless. 

  • We have transitioned to a hybrid work environment tied to Covid-19, but we have seen benefits from this type of work arrangement and are likely to stay hybrid to some extent moving forward. As a result, we have expanded our supply of monitors and docking stations that allow team members to work comfortably from home. 

  • We have seen an increase in base pricing for technology over the past 18-months. 

  • The Community Health Facility has a mix of large all-in-one networked solutions along with desktop printers for some team members.

Collaborative Work Technology
  • OWL is an all in one meeting camera and microphone. Allows for hybrid meeting environments. 

  • TVs, to allow for the projection and sharing of work products and to facilitate hybrid working. 

BNStratPlan-Tech Software.png


Productivity Package
  • Office 365 (currently on Office e3) Budgeted to move to e5 for enhanced security features.

  • Includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, and more.

Electronic Health Record

A consortium of Kansas community mental health centers collaborated in an effort to create an electronic health record specifically designed for behavioral health management. The end result was BrightEHR, which delivers a complete system for managing behavioral health records with a client-centric focus. The system’s minimalistic approach allows the provider to focus on the client’s needs over data entry. Some of its features include intuitive interface, specialized behavioral health processes, electronic claim submissions, document/scanning management, reporting, and integration with ScriptSure E-Prescribe.

BrightEHR has been used at the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center since 2009. Many changes have occurred during that time, and BrightEHR has adapted.

Other Software Platforms
  • PowerDMS

  • Datis e3

  • ZOOM

  • Relias

  • KS Train

  • OhMD

Support for Remote Locations
  • Meraki firewall at all three remote locations (Transitions, Bridges, and Medical Arts)

  • All-in-one printer, scanner, fax, and copiers

  • Wireless connectivity 

  • VPN access to the main BNC servers

  • Meraki cameras at Bridges location

  • Rueschhoff camera system at Transitions .

  • Evaluate our Electronic Health Record and explore the best solution for meeting the needs of BNC moving forward.

  • Expand the number and quality of remote devices as well as our ability to support those devices.

  • Managing the increasing cost of technology, both hardware and software, at a time when we are anticipating growth in the number of BNC team members and work sites.

  • Better system to monitor and track workforce for safety purposes both in our buildings and in the community.

  • Shift to cloud-based vs. locally hosted solutions to better meet the needs of a remote workforce and for enhanced security features.

  • Up-to-date and accurate inventory tracking system for hardware and software contracts.

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